richpellegrino: Many thanks to Shayna at paintpenscollective…


Many thanks to Shayna at paintpenscollective...

Rich Pellegrino

Rich Pellegrino


Many thanks to Shayna at paintpenscollective for the nice feature on my work! 


Featured Artist ||| Rich Pellegrino (Boston, MA)

When I had first reached out to Rich Pellegrino I did not know he had a painting in the new Wes Anderson film, Grand Budapest Hotel. I was also  pleasantly surprised to have scheduled his feature on the release date of the movie. With that being said, we a.) feel very lucky on the timing and b.) which piece of Rich Pellegrino’s work you will fall in love with first is a tough call. His unique style of broad strokes and bright colors are immediately captivating, and the personality of his subjects will further draw in the viewer.

For this feature, we wanted to focus in on some of the other pop art portraits, however, to get the full spectrum of Rich’s work please visit his website and his shop. 


Rich Pellegrino is a Boston, MA artist and illustrator.  Recent projects include portraiture and illustration for Warner Bros, Wes Anderson, Treehouse Brand Stores (TOMB RAIDER 2013), and officially licensed work for properties such as LucasFilm, FOX TV, and AMC.”

Pellegrino‘s subject matter is an eclectic mix of illustration and personal paintings that. His work has an expressive hand with color and brushwork. Pellegrino‘s work in film tribute shows give well known characters a new spin and shine their personalities in a new light.  His personal work delves into a fascination with literary history,ocean life, fashion, and human psychology. 

Pellegrino will have a painting featured in Wes Anderson’s new film The Grand Budapest Hotel.  He is currently at work on a new group portrait painting of the cast for a print release coming very soon.
Find him here:

Here is the painting found in the movie, Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson. If you see the movie, you will not miss it. 



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