hannibook: Announcing [BANQUET], a Hannibal Artbook…


Announcing [BANQUET], a Hannibal Artbook...


Announcing [BANQUET], a Hannibal Artbook KICKSTARTER

WELCOME, ONE AND ALL, to the long awaited fan book “BANQUET”. A fan book in tribute to the popular show HANNIBAL. 14 artists come together with illustrations, comics and more, to create a shockingly wonderful and tasteful work of art.

The featured artists of Banquet:
Baru | Blue | Coey | Dee | Fey | Lohkay | Mel | Reaper 
Arythusa | Sairobee | Sashkash | Sol | Tumbles | Zenyr

Pledge Rewards:

$5 – 1 postcard, randomly selected, sent as thank you
$10 – All 4 buttons; OR all 3 postcards; OR digital copy of the book
$15 – All buttons and post cards!
$20 – Digital copy of book plus ALL extras; OR physical copy of the book
$30 – Physical copy of the book, plus ALL the extras!

More rewards listed on our KICKSTARTER!  

*We are also accepting submissions for guest artists, more info HERE*

More: http://www.rgb-love.net/life/hannibookannouncing-banquet-a-hannibal-artbook-2/

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Hello! my name is Claud Loyola M. I love Design, Illustration, Photography, Writting, Music & Friends! Music, Dreams, Life & Movies always inspire me :)!

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